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Explore docker-based bundles with JHipster and Entando 7.1

At Entando, we define a bundle as a package that contains one or more components. A bundle can be a single component, component collection, PBC, or solution template, based on the level of granularity. Any bundle built with Entando is an Entando Bundle. Entando 7.1 introduces a major new change - bundles with a docker-based structure. This article explores all the things you need to know about this feature.

Using Vue.js to Create a Micro Frontend

After learning how to create micro frontends with Angular and React, we’re jumping into another world with Vue.js. Remember, we’re trying to create a micro frontend using the web component specifications for Angular, React, and Vue.js. Does Vue provide the best developer experience when creating a micro frontend social card? Let’s try it!