# Bundle Evolution on Entando 7

Entando 7.1 introduced a more modular approach to building apps with the ent bundle CLI orchestrating the management of a bundle project. The Entando Bundle was restructured, its processes decoupled by component type, and the publishing transport method streamlined. With these changes, Entando Bundles went from git-based to docker-based OCI bundles. This page clarifies the differences between the v1 git-based and v5 docker-based bundles. Git-based bundles are deprecated with Entando 7.2.

With Entando 7.3, the bundle has advanced further with descriptorVersion v6, adding the capability to request resources for storage, memory and CPU for microservices in the bundle descriptor entando.json. For more information on this specification or docker-based bundles, see the Bundle Details page.

For instructions on converting a git-based bundle to a docker-based bundle, see the Convert Bundle tutorial.

# Bundle Comparison Table

Property git-based bundles docker-based bundles
descriptorVersion v1 v5
Bundle Specifications Defined with descriptor files Built with ent bundle CLI tool
Versioning Bundle version set by Git tags Bundle version set by Docker tags. For MFEs, the version defaults to 1.0.0 unless set in the entando.json
Plugin Ingress Generated by Entando (canonical relataive path) or set in the plugin descriptor.yaml Generated by Entando (includes a unique bundle code ID for each plugin, and for each tenant in a multitenant application) or customized in the bundle descriptor, entando.json
Identifiers Designated Bundle ID and Plugin ID Bundles, MFEs, & plugins have unique global IDs
Bundle ID Not included in component names Suffix of bundle, plugin, widget, page and fragment names
Initialize from Entando Hub As git clone Direct initialization from Hub with –from-hub flag
Bundle Creation ent prj commands New modular ent bundle commands
Deploy and Install ent ecr deploy and ent ecr install No change
Export Bundle ent bundler Not Available
JHipster Integrated Blueprint Project ent jhipster blueprint creates MFE & MS template project Convert blueprint project to v5 bundle
API Claims Manual configuration in MFE bundle Manage APIs with ent bundle commands. Micro frontends can make API claims to microservices within the same bundle or namespace
Local Services Blueprint includes a few services under src/main/docker Default services now include Keycloak, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Additional services can be added with the ent bundle svc commands
MFE Custom UI Add with manual scripts Custom UI is auto-generated in FTL format
Auto-generated FTLs with parameters defined in entando.json
Bundle Thumbnail Detailed inside the YAML bundle descriptor Set with a JPG or PNG file named thumbnail in the bundle root folder, e.g. thumbnail.png