Kubernetes 1.26 support for Entando 6 and 7

Entando's policy (opens new window) is to support three active releases of Kubernetes. Support for each K8s release ends no sooner than three months after the official Kubernetes End of Life date to give our customers and partners time to upgrade their Kubernetes version. The Kubernetes official release timeline can be found at https://kubernetes.io/releases/ (opens new window).

The active and supported Kubernetes releases for Entando 6 and Entando 7 are now 1.24 - 1.26. Please see the official Entando Compatibility Statements (opens new window) for corresponding Entando patch versions and the Entando Knowledge Base (opens new window) (subscription required) for release notes and patch install instructions.

Entando is available for any support requests at the following e-mail: customersupport@entando.com.