# Building a Docker Image for the Entando Core

# Prerequisites

# Introduction

This tutorial will take you through the basic steps to create a docker image from an Entando core application. A more detailed guide with additional commands and configuration can be found here:

https://github.com/entando/entando-de-app (opens new window)

# Setup

  1. Clone the application at: https://github.com/entando/entando-de-app (opens new window) using

    git clone https://github.com/entando/entando-de-app
  2. On a command line, cd into the entando-de-app you just cloned:

    cd entando-de-app
  3. Build a docker image from the core app

    mvn clean package -Pwildfly -Pderby docker:build
  4. View the images installed on your local docker instance

    docker images

    Look for

  5. Create a repository on your docker repository to house your new application

  6. Re-tag the image you just built with your repo

     docker tag entando/entando-de-app:latest <YOUR-USER>/<YOUR-REPO-NAME>:latest
  7. Push the Image to your Repository

    docker push <YOUR-USER>/<YOUR-REPO-NAME>:latest