# Contributing to Entando

There are many ways to contribute to Entando including participating in the Entando Forum (opens new window), opening issues on GitHub, updating documentation (opens new window), building bundles using the Entando Component Repository, and contributing directly to the source.

# Contributing to the Source

Entando welcomes contributions to our source code repositories. This is a brief overview of how to create a pull request for an Entando repository.

If you're new to forks in the git world checkout this guide Working with Forks (opens new window)

  1. Find the repository you want to edit on the Entando GitHub
  2. Create a fork of the repository you want to update
  3. Make your changes or updates on your fork. We recommend making your changes on a branch so that you can update your commits as needed before creating your PR
  4. Submit a PR against the main (or master) branch of the repository you're working against. If you're fixing a specific issue reference that issue number in the notes and linked issues
  5. Watch the automated builds to make sure everything passes
  6. The Entando team will merge your changes!

# Code Style and Formatting

Most Entando repositories enforce code style rules. References and setup for the main source types are provided below.

# Java

Java rules are based on checkstyle and PMD can be found at in the entando-code-style (opens new window) project. There are configuration files for Intellij, Eclipse, and Netbeans for automated formatting.

# Javascript

Code style and formatting rules for all Entando javascript projects are enforced by linters in every project. For a reference example see: .sass-lint.yml and .eslintrc.js in the App builder (opens new window)

In the future these rules will be replaced by Prettier.

# Find the Code

Entando source can be found on GitHub in the following organizations.

For an overview of the key projects in both GitHub organizations and their role in the architecture see Entando Deployment Structure

# Get Help

If you have questions, need help, or want to find out more about contributing join us at

# Licenses

The Entando Platform is 100% open source and most Entando repositories are licensed under the LGPL V3.0. The entando-docs repository is one exception with a CC BY 4.0 license (opens new window). See the LICENSE file in the root directory of a given repository for its specific license information.

Entando libraries licensed with LGPL V3.0 that are used to build applications may be linked to proprietary applications. If linked statically, the application code must also be released as LGPL. If the application is linked dynamically to Entando, the proprietary code does not need to be released.

A commercial open source license is provided for the Entando Platform for customers with Gold and Platinum subscriptions. This license permits freely extending or modifying Entando without requiring contribution of confidential IP back to the open source community.