# EntandoApp Custom Resource Definition

The EntandoApp CRD is the deployment of a Docker image that hosts the Entando and Java-based web application. Server-side components include the Entando App Engine, Entando Component Manager, Entando App Builder, and your user-facing application.

Entando offers standard WildFly or EAP images for the definition, but typically customers provide their own CRD.

# Example EntandoApp

apiVersion: entando.org/v1
kind: EntandoApp
  namespace: entando
  name: your-app    
  environmentVariables: []
  dbms: embedded
  ingressHostName: your-app.
  standardServerImage: eap
  replicas: 1

# Specifications

Spec Name Description
spec.customServerImage Used to deploy the Docker image containing your custom Entando App. Follow these instructions on how to build your own image. This property and the spec.standardServerImage are mutually exclusive.
spec.dbms Allowed values are: MySQL, PostgreSQL (default), Oracle, or embedded. Oracle is only supported as an external database.
spec.ecrGitSshSecretName The configuration used by the Entando Component Repository to download bundles from authenticated Git repositories. It's a Secret containing a private key file named rsa_id that matches a public key configured in the authenticated Git repository.
spec.environmentVariables A map of environment variables to pass to the EntandoApp Docker image. This can be used to provide connection details of custom datasources or message queues as discussed in the custom datasources tutorial. These variables can sometimes be used as a mechanism to override any of the default environment variables that need customization.
spec.ingressPath Specifies the web context of the EntandoApp to be deployed.
spec.ingressHostName The hostname of the Kubernetes ingress to be created for the EntandoApp. EntandoPlugins linked to this app will also be made available on the host.
spec.replicas The number of replicas to be made available on the deployment.
spec.resourceRequirements The minimum and maximum resource allocation for the Entando App Engine container.
spec.serviceAccountToUse The Kubernetes service account in the namespace of the EntandoApp used for the pods hosting the EntandoApps. The default is 'default.'
spec.standardServerImage Either a wildfly or eap image. This property and the spec.customServerImage are mutually exclusive. Refer to the Docker image section (opens new window) to determine how the Docker registry and versions are calculated.
spec.storageClass Name of the StorageClass to use for PersistentVolumeClaims created for this EntandoApp. For more information, go to Kubernetes explanation of storage classes (opens new window).
spec.tlsSecretName The name of a standard Kubernetes TLS Secret (opens new window) that will be used for the resulting ingress. This is only required if the globally configured TLS Secret (opens new window) for the operator is absent.