# Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Diagnostic information is critical to analysis and troubleshooting, and the Entando CLI (ent) is a useful tool for debugging issues with an Entando instance.

Command Description
ent app-info Display basic information about Kubernetes and Entando resources
ent bundle info Show status information for the bundle project
ent --debug bundle "command" Enable debug mode
ent diag Run diagnostics on the pods currently in an Entando namespace and prepare a diagnostic tar.gz
ent pod "command" Displays information related to a set of pods
ent pod grep --all "error|fail" Locate error messages within EntandoApp pods

# Command Details

  • ent diag: Executes operations to analyze, organize and output detailed pod information. It exports custom resources, ingresses, deployments, "previous" pod logs, namespace events, etc. The command also generates diagnostics and returns log paths like the following:
    > Collected diagdata available under "~/.entando/reports/entando-diagdata-2020-11-19T02:58:47+0000" for consultation
    > Collected diagdata available in archive "~/.entando/reports/entando-diagdata-2020-11-19T02:58:47+0000.tgz"
  • ent pod "command": Analyzes pods in a cluster with commands like describe, logs, shell, force-reload, port-forward, and others.

# Log Files

Log files for the ent bundle build and pack commands are generated for each component inside the .entando/logs directory. For single components and other processes, they are printed to the standard outputs.