# EntandoDatabaseService Custom Resource Definition

The EntandoDatabaseService CRD directs Entando to an external, internal, or auto-provisioned database service. Currently, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle are accepted.

Note: Oracle is not supported for automatic deployment in a container. See the external database instructions for the appropriate configuration.

# Example EntandoDatabaseService CR

      dbms: postgresql
      port: 5432
      databaseName: your-database
      secretName: postgresql-secret
      jdbcParameters: {}

# Specifications

Spec Name Description
spec.databaseName The name of the database that the Entando Operator should be creating schemas in. This property is not used with MySQL DBMS.
spec.dbms Valid values are oracle, postgresql and mysql. With Oracle, the createDeployment attribute must be set to false, allowing it to be set up as an external DB.
spec.environmentVariables A list of environment variables following the standard structure of Kubernetes environment variables.
spec.host IP address or hostname of the external database.
spec.jdbcParameters Standard JDBC connection parameters.
spec.port The port that the external database service is running on. This value is optional.
spec.secretName Secret containing DB credentials capable of creating users and databases.
spec.tablespace Only required for Oracle to create schemas in different tablespaces.