# Filtering Bundles

Entando Bundles are filterable by component, status or textual search from the App Builder user interface.

App Builder bundle filtering

# Filtering Bundles by Component

To filter a bundle by component, its custom resource on the Entando Cluster must contain appropriate labels. Valid labels are: widget, plugin, fragment, pageTemplate, contentType and contentTemplate. To correctly define a label in a K8s resource requires both a key and value, but Entando uses only the key when filtering. Although the value is arbitrary, we recommend a setting of "true" for clarity and simplicity.

# Supported Labels Keys

Label entry Description

widget: "true"

The bundle contains one or more microfrontends (widgets)

plugin: "true"

The bundle contains one or more microservices (plugins)

fragment: "true"

The bundle contains one or more fragments

pageTemplate: "true"

The bundle contains one or more page templates

contentType: "true"

The bundle contains one or more content types

contentTemplate: "true"

The bundle contains one or more content templates

# Example

Here is an example of the metadata for an Entando Bundle containg micro frontends, microservices and page templates:

apiVersion: entando.org/v1
kind: EntandoDeBundle
  name: demo-bundle
    widget: "true"
    plugin: "true"
    pageTemplate: "true"

# Filtering Bundles by Status

Entando Bundles are filterable by availability and install status. Select the Explore tab to see the full list of bundles available in the Kubernetes cluster. Select the Installed tab to see the list of currently installed bundles.

Use the textual search to return bundles that contain certain keywords in their name, description or version. When creating a new bundle, bear in mind that a textual search is performed against data extracted from the bundle CRD file.

# Mixing Search Criteria

Filtering can be refined by combining component, status and textual search criteria. For example, you could search for all available bundles (filter by status) that contain Page Templates (filter by component) and the word Login in their name (filter by textual search).