# Content Templates

Content Templates define how information is displayed when content is published. They provide the styling and layout for Content Types and enable different representations of the same content.

# Create a Content Template

Content templates are managed by the Entando Web Content Management System (WCMS), through a user interface accessible from the App Builder. Follow the steps below to create and configure a content template.

1. From the left menu of the App Builder, go to ContentTemplates

2. Click the Add button above the list of existing templates


3. Define the characteristics of the content template


  • Type: Choose a content type from the drop-down list. Click the Set button to input your selection.

  • Code: Enter a sequence of up to 10 numbers to uniquely identify the content template. This field is mandatory.

  • Name: Enter a name or description for the content template. This field is mandatory and supports a string of 50 characters or less and should consist of one or more of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and/or special characters.

  • Model: Enter HTML to model the content template with Velocity language. This field is mandatory.

  • Style Sheet: (Optional) Enter the CSS to be applied to the HTML Model.

4. Click the Save button

This adds the content template to the content type.