# Configure the Entando App Context

This tutorial describes how to modify the EntandoApp CR to customize the ingress path of an Entando App Engine deployment.

# Prerequisites

  • An existing deployment of an Entando App or the ability to create one.
    • If you haven't created a deployment or don't have a YAML file for an Entando deployment, follow the Quickstart instructions.

# Remove or Replace entando-de-app

The ingress path of the App Engine currently defaults to /entando-de-app, which is visible in the URL. Follow the steps below to remove or replace this value.

  1. Open the entando-app.yaml, which contains several default parameters:
apiVersion: entando.org/v1
kind: EntandoApp
  namespace: entando
  name: quickstart
  environmentVariables: null
  dbms: embedded
  ingressHostName: YOUR-HOST-NAME
  standardServerImage: eap
  replicas: 1
  1. Under spec, add the parameter ingressPath. If this parameter is not present, the path for the EntandoApp defaults to /entando-de-app.

  2. Input a value for ingressPath to change the web context:

    • To remove /entando-de-app from the path completely, set the value to empty (e.g.: "" ), blank (e.g.: " "), or "/"

    • To change the visible path of the application, enter a value of "/YOUR-INGRESS-PATH"