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Deploying a Streamlit bundle in Entando

Streamlit is an open-source Python library which is very popular in the data science and machine learning community. It is useful for quickly creating and sharing beautiful data-driven web apps. There are excellent hosting options for public Streamlit apps, but in enterprise environments, there is a need for sharing such apps in a more controlled way. Entando provides a Kubernetes and cloud-friendly way to do this.

Explore docker-based bundles with JHipster and Entando 7.1

At Entando, we define a bundle as a package that contains one or more components. A bundle can be a single component, component collection, PBC, or solution template, based on the level of granularity. Any bundle built with Entando is an Entando Bundle. Entando 7.1 introduces a major new change - bundles with a docker-based structure. This article explores all the things you need to know about this feature.

Why is technical blogging so important?

Technical blogging is very important for modern developers, as it can not only help developers learn and grow but also help other people to learn from them. At the same time, documenting our learnings and experiences in the form of a blog is a very good practice for a developer in the IT industry. Through this blog, you'll figure out why it is so important to write technical blogs and also how you can get started with it.